Fall Flights Cancelled

  Chrysalis always wants to provide the best experience for the kids and honor the curriculum that has been in place for decades. Fall flights can be a challenge for a multitude of reasons and this fall we have a handful of participants signed up, but ultimately not enough to provide the experience they deserve. So thank you to those who loyally give and support these weekends. We want to be good stewards of those resources and your contributions and have decided to put all of our efforts into the Spring 2024 flights. The kids and God’s resources deserve the best efforts possible. To the teams and volunteers who have already poured your hearts into these fall flights, know that your gifts are so appreciated and no doubt will shine bright in March 2024.

What is Chrysalis?

What is Chrysalis?

A Chrysalis flight is a three-day weekend retreat focused on spiritual renewal and formation for teenagers.

The approach of the nondenominational program is centered on New Testament Christianity and the model of Christ's servanthood as a lifestyle.

Chrysalis is aimed at teens in upper-level high school grades (15- to 18-year-olds) and is designed to give a greater understanding of God's love and it application to everyday life.

Coastal Carolina Chrysalis generally hosts two annual flights at the FFA Camp in Cherry Gove. Boys and girls attend separate Chrysalis weekends.

Caterpillars attending a Chrysalis flight are sponsored by someone who has previously attended a Chrysalis or Emmaus weekend. Emmaus is a spiritual retreat for adults.

Chrysalis gets its name from the growth stage a caterpillar goes through before becoming a butterfly. The process changes a monotone, lackluster creature into a beautiful, vibrate butterfly with intense colors and the ability to fly. This symbolizes the change possible as Christ transforms people into what He intends them to be..

For more information on the local Seaside Emmaus Community, please visit its website at .

Chrysalis and Emmaus are nationwide ministries of The Upper Room, an arm of the General Board of Discipleship of the United Methodist Church. Its web address is .